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(Hoogewoning - Hoogewooning - Hoogewoonink - Hoogevonink - Hoogevoonink)


The Hoege Woeninck is founded in Rijnsburg on 23 November 1994. The foundation is dedicated to the research into the Hogewoning name and varieties (Hoogewoning, Hoogewooning, Hoogewoonink). The name of the foundation comes from a farmhouse and tavern known as the Hoege Woeninck located in Vlaardingerambacht from 1561 onwards. Probably the name of Hogewoning refers to this farmhouse. In April 2011 the second edition of the family genealogy 'Terug naar de Hoege Woeninck, genealogie van de familie Hogewoning' (Back to the Hoege Woeninck) was published. Activities came to an end on 8 Dec 2021.


The first generations

Family meetings


Distribution in the 20th century

The research



The first generations

The history of the Hogewoning family starts in Rotterdam. Founder was Dirk Janszoon (Dirk, son of Jan). He was a besom-maker. His name is found for the first time in a notaries act from 1604 when he acted as a witness. As a witness he had to be at least 25 years old, so Dirk must have been born before 1580. Dirk Janszoon himself never used the name Hogewoning. He had three children: a boy and two girls. His son Pieter Dirkszoon, a besom-maker like his father, did sign as Hochwooning in 1629



At least three of his seven son's also became besom-makers. Two of them, Jan and Cornelis, tried to earn their living in the city of Leiden. In Leiden Jan married the widow of a besom-maker. They remained childless. Cornelis Pieterszoon Hogewoning married three times. From the second marriage two children reached adulthood: Cornelis and David. In 1692 Cornelis signed on as a sailor on a ship of the Dutch East Indies Company (VOC). He died childless in the hospital of Batavia.



David married in 1704 at Rijnsburg and bought a house in the center of the village along the Vliet. He is the forefather of all the namesakes Hogewoning living today. Lijsbeth van Rijn, David's first wife, came from Lisse. She died in childbirth. The widower remarried Elisabeth Kromhout, a woman from a well known family from Rijnsburg. They had seven children: four daughters and three sons: Cornelis, Pieter and Willem. All later generations can be traced back to these three.

Distribution in the 20th century

In the spring of 1947 a census was taken in the Netherlands for the first time since the end of the Second World War. The name Hogewoning is counted 488 times. We see the following varieties of the spelling of the name:




The largest proportion of Hogewonings is found in Rijnsburg, namely 139 or 29%. Second in the order of municipalities is The Hague with 75 namesakes (15%), followed by Amsterdam where 58 Hogewonings (12%) lived in 1947. Oegstgeest is on the fourth position with 27 namesakes or 6%. Katwijk follows with 25 namesakes, which constitutes almost 6%. These figures imply that in 1947 approximately 40% of the Hogewonings lived in or near Rijnsburg. Until today many Hogewonings have their residence in the town of Rijnsburg, Zuid-Holland.

Family meetings

In April 1994 the first meeting was held in the Voorhof at Rijnsburg. Almost three hundred people attended the meeting. The first results of the research were shown to the public by the Working Committee Genealogy Hogewoning. A second meeting was held in September 1995. The main event was the presentation of the book 'Terug naar de Hoege Woeninck, genealogie van de familie Hogewoning' . On Saturday 27 September 1997 the third meeting was held at Rijnsburg. The theme for this meeting was emigration. The stories were told of families who left the Netherlands and tried to build an existence elsewhere. Emigrants from Canada and descendants of emigrants to the USA came to Rijnsburg to meet there ancestors. The fifth meeting took place on 28 September 2002. The sixth meeting was held on 24 Sep 2005. During the eight meeting on 16 April 2011 a new family genealogy was published.

Rijnsburg 15 April 2000

The research

The research into the Hogewoning name still continues. Since the book was published in 1995 a number of questions could be answered.

The new information is published in the foundation's newsletter 'Messages from the Hoege Woeninck'. Also the new information can be found in the 2011 edition of the family genealogy Terug naar de Hoege Woeninck (1575-2010). Still a number of questions remains to be answered. Please refer to our page: 'Questions'.





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